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Final Fantasy Versus XIII teams up with Roen

First realtime game footage features tie-up suit.

A sample of the Roen tie-up.

While not getting the big reveals of its sister projects, Final Fantasy Versus XIII did have prominent place at the DKΣ3713 private event in Harajuku today. Square Enix announced a collaboration for the title and also showed off a new trailer.

The collaboration involves domestic fashion maker ROEN, who will be designing clothing that will appear in the game. Some of the in-game clothing will also be released for sale in the real world. Square Enix had a suit sample on display at the event.

The latest trailer offered another mix of new and old CG. However, closing off the trailer was the first ever realtime footage of the game. The realtime scene consisted of the main character, wearing the ROEN-designed suit, walking up a flight of stares into what appeared to be a ballroom. A blonde-haired girl, dressed in a white formal dress, turns to face him as the trailer closes off.

This latest trailer ended with the words "For PlayStation 3 Only Worldwide."

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