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Nintendo discloses Fatal Frame bugs

Three problems you might encounter when taking pictures of ghosts.


The ghosts aren't all that's scary in Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen, the Wii entry in the series that's known in the English-speaking world as Fatal Frame. Following the game's release last Thursday, Nintendo went public today on the presence of a few bugs.

Specifically, the game suffers from three specific issues:

The title will freeze in the third chpater when you get the "Ango no youna memo" (encoded memo) and attempt to open a door on the second floor of the hospital. To avoid this, Nintendo suggests gong to the hospital operations room on the first floor and inputing a three digit code into the interphone. You'll have to figure out the code yourself using the memo.
Blank slots remain in ghost list
While your ghost list has space for 233 pictures, you can only actually get 227. Slots 32, 101, 174, 176, 182, and 211 remain blank.
Some items do not become unlocked
Once you've cleared the game, there's an item that does not become unlocked in the "Extra" area.

Nintendo has not announced a replacement program for game discs, so players will want to make sure they proceed with a bit of caution, particularly regarding issue number 1.

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