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Chou Aniki set for PSP

GungHo returns the suggestive shooter to its origins


Adon and Samson are coming back! Impress Watch and Gamespot Japan have first reports on a new PSP entry in the Chou Aniki series, Zero Chou Aniki, which is set to be published through GungHo Works in early 2009.

Originating as a 1992 PC Engine Super CD shooter, Chou Aniki is known for its muscular heroes Adon and Samson as well as its suggestive themes, including super moves like the "Mens Beam."

All that is back for the new title, which is being developed by Extreme with the goal of returning the series to its roots. The Japanese language articles are a bit unclear, but it seems the game may at least partially be a remake of the PC Engine original, with new backgrounds and character art, and also a new soundtrack from series musician Koji Hayama

Adon and Samson are all man!

The title will feature a total of five stages, with branching points changing both the course of the stage and the game's ending.

News of a Chou Aniki revival first broke in early June as Extreme, which handles development and planning of all Masaya products (Chou Aniki was originally a Masaya title), launched a special website for all its Masaya games along with [a href=http://www.e-xtreme.co.jp/aniki/]a teaser site making mention of a new secret project[/a]. This new PSP title is presumably that very project. At the time of this writing, the "secret project" page is still live.

To the right, the dynamic duo show off their Mens Beam.

Two versions of Zero Chou Aniki will be released: a standard version at 5,800 yen, and a first run limited edition featuring some as yet undisclosed bonus items at 6,800 yen.

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