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Bandai Namco unlocks three Gundam Battle Universe missions

New passwords to extend the life of the recent PSP hit.


All played out with Gundam Battle Universe following the PSP title's July 17 debut? Bandai Namco today provided an update for the game in the form of a password that unlocks new missions.

Three passwords are now available in [a href=http://b.bngi-channel.jp/psp/gbu/news/index.html]the news section of the game's official site[/a]. These passwords unlock three missions: Jidai no Hazama, Arewa Ii Monoda, and V no Kettou.

For non-Japanese speakers who, for some reason or another, feel the need to pronounce the characters, the passwords are "ba-ki-te-na-shi," "chi-i-bo-n-ka," and "i-ta-sa-mi-shi."

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