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Pro Golfer Saru Wii detailed

Dogya concentration system and special moves revealed


Following a debut in last week's Famitsu and the opening of a teaser website, Bandai Namco has started getting a bit more friendly with the Pro Golfer Saru news.

As previously revealed, the classic Fujiko Fujio A manga Pro Golfer Saru is being prepped for a Wii release through Bandai Namco. The title will offer arcade-style golf gameplay using the manga's wacky cast of characters and some wild course designs.

Currently confirmed for playable inclusion in the game are Sarumaru Sarutani, Dragon, and Benpachi. The game will also include Germonimo, Mister X, Occhan, and Kancrow, although it's unclear at the present if this group will be playable.

Each character has unique special moves, replicated form the source material. For instance, Sarumaru can make balls repel off walls in order to hit his target. Benpachi's special move, Killer Bee, appears to allow her to break her rival players' clubs.

Expectedly, the game makes use of the Wiimote as a virtual golf club. You first start off your turn by using the Wiimote to point in the general direction you'd like your shot to take. The game then automatically switches into swing mode where, in classic Wii fashion, you swing to strike the ball.

The title uses something called the "Dogya Meter" to determine the result of your swing. When swinging, the screen fills up with those concentration lines you often see in manga and anime. Your goal is to time your swing to the concentration lines. Take too long to swing on any given turn, and your concentration will begin to fall, effecting your concentration on future turns as well.

Pro Golfer Saru will be released this Fall at 5,800 yen.

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