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Monster Hunter collaborates with Pasela

Themed food and more at karaoke shops.

Would you like to sing in a place like this?

Capcom announced today a collaboration between the Monster Hunter series and karaoke restaurant chain Pasela.

The collaboration, officially titled "Kariudotachi no Utage," will take place from August 14 through August 31 at Pasela shops. Over his period, the large Pasela shop in Shibuya will be decked out in real plant life, making it look like you're in a rain forest.

All Pasela shops will offer a special menu with over 30 items. Included in the bunch is a 400 yen drink designed in the image of the game's recovery potion. The menu also includes food, notably the 500 yen Ailu Onigiri, which, at 400 grams, is four times the standard size. Kongari Niku (well-cooked meat -- the archetypical Monster Hunter item) is also on offer at 1,500 yen.

Those who order from the special menu have a chance of walking home with a special themed coaster.

Food for the hard hunting hunter.

Capcom is also setting up a goods space, offering some of the recently announced summer Monster Hunter goods for sale.

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