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Sega and Omiya Soft open Culdecept Card Gallery in Akihabara

Series father Hideo Suzuki shares his thoughts.


The critically acclaimed and fan-favorite Culdecept series reached its tenth anniversary last year. It's also approaching its latest game, Culdecept DS, which is due out on October 16. All this prompted Sega and series developer Omiya Soft to open up a gallery in Akihabara over the weekend.

Held at the Akihabara UDX Gallery on the 9th and 10th, the Culdecept Card Gallery showcased a vast array of Culdecept series card illustrations. Everything from the 1997 Saturn original on was shown at the event, totaling 1,254 cards in all.

Outside of the cards, the event also celebrated the Culdecept games themselves, with box art for all the titles, and a demo area with four kiosks offering a sampling of the upcoming DS version.

Series creator and president of Omiya Soft, Hideo Suzuki, was in attendance on the first day and shared some comments with Dengeki Online.

Describing his memories regarding the creation of all those cards, Suzuki made mention of one series illustrator who's since passed away. Seeing this illustrators cards on display at the event, Suzuki said that he was able to get a feel for the fact that 10 years have passed since the start of the series.

Asked to describe some of the fine points for the new DS title, Suzuki noted that the fact that the game is on a portable system means players will be able to play it anywhere whenever they have a free moment. He also appears to be excited about the Wi-Fi compatibility for the title, as those who aren't in the vicinity of fellow Culdecept DS players will be able to play the game competitively.

Suzuki also pointed out something many might have not realized about the DS entry: it's the first time the series has appeared in cartridge format. Previously, load times were a great concern, he said.

For pics from the event, see [a href=http://news.dengeki.com/elem/000/000/098/98561/]the Dengeki Online story[/a]. The person in the picture near the bottom of the story is Suzuki. He's standing in front of the main visual for the first entry in the series, which Dengeki said is being kept in the possession of illustrator Naoyuki Kato.

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