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Phantasy Star Portable tops half a million

One week from launch, according to Sega


Last week's top placer on the Media Create software sales chart appears to be a big hit indeed for Sega, which revealed today that Phantasy Star Portable shipments have topped the half million mark a week after the game's release.

Media Create, a sales tracker whose number are obtained independently from publishers, reported on Friday 341,700 units sold for the game, covering the first four days of the title's July 31 release. The game sold 86% of its shipment, Media Create reported, suggesting that Sega's figures include a followup shipment.

Phantasy Star Portable is the latest entry in the Phantasy Star Universe/Online line of online RPGs spawned from the classic Mega Drive RPG series. Like its PS2, Xbox 360 and Windows predecessors, the title includes both story and mutliplayer modes, although multiplayer play is ad-hoc only for up to four players.

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