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Spike places Hanshin Tigers DS ad near Tokyo Dome

Just as the Tigers face off against the Giants


You can't blame Spike for not trying to reach new audiences with its promotional campaign for Hanshin Tigers DS. The publisher announced today the placement of a super-large B0-sized ad for the title in Suidobashi Station, the train station that serves Tokyo Dome.

The reason news of an advertisement for a game is making headlines is that Tokyo Dome is home to the Yomiuri Giants, rival team to the Tigers. For Major League fans, the rivalry is often compared to the rivalry between the New York Yankees (the Giants) and the Boston Redsox (the Tigers).

Those wanting to see (or tear down!) the ads should head to Suidobashi Station between now and the 17th. For extra kicks, head there on the 12th or 13th, when the Tigers are scheduled to play the Giants on their home turf.

Hanshin Tigers DS, rather than a baseball game, is actually a database of game data focusing on the popular team from the Osaka area. The title includes stats new and old and pics of classic uniforms, along with quizzes to test fan knowledge.

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