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Macross Frontier song list revealed

Lots of vocal tracks join special Macross 7 song system in new PSP adaptation


Macross Ace Frontier has the transformable mecha, it has the classic characters, and, according to an update at Famitsu.com, it has the music as well.

The site updated with a list of songs that will appear in the upcoming PSP flight game that's based off the classic anime franchise. Macross fanatics, ask you yourself if you remember any of these:

Macross, Macross: Do You Remember Love

  • Watashi no Kare wa Pilot (Mari Ijima)
  • Ai: Oboeteimasuka (Mari Ijima)
  • Shao Pai Long (BGM only)
  • Unmei no Ya (BGM only)
  • Macross (BGM only)
  • Dog Fighter (BGM only)
  • Zentradi Daiyousai (BGM only)

Macross Plus

  • Information High (with vocals)
  • After, In the Dark (BGM only)
  • Fly Up in the Air Tension (BGM only)

Macross 7

  • Totsugeki Love Heart (Fire Bomber)
  • Holy Lonely Light (Fire Bomber)
  • My Friends (Fire Bomber)
  • Try Again (Fire Bomber)
  • Planet Dance (BGM only)

Macross Frontier

  • Lion (May'n/Ai Nakajima)
  • Iteza Gogo Kuji DON'T BE LATE (Sheryl Nome starring May'n)
  • Aimo (BGM only)
  • Triangler (BGM only)
  • Target the (BGM only)

As with the source material, the PSP adaptation of Macross will have a heavy musical component even beyond the included track list. Famitsu.com also provides details on the Macross 7 song system

Macross 7 Basara Nekki attacks enemies through music. When you attack your foes with a Speaker Pod, the enemy HP gauge changes into a "will to fight" gauge, highlighted by a heart and music note. As you sing, this gauge will deplete, and once it's gone to zero, the enemy will flee the battle field.

Macross Frontier will see release on October 9.

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