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Success offers Flash demo for Otoshi Keiji

Grill a suspect in advance of the detective title's September release.


Wannabe detectives won't have to wait all the way until September 18 for Success's Otoshi Keiji: Mr. Detective, I did it. The game's home page took delivery today of Flash demo, offering a advanced sampling of one key area of the game.

Titled "Torishirabe Taiken," the demo lets you see what it's like to conduct questioning of suspects. You lead main character Aloha and assistant Eri-chan in questioning of Yoshida, the suspect, making use of various speaking skills that allow you to display emotions like rage, kindness and sarcasm. Your goal is to get Mr. Yoshida to offer a confession.

Try out the Flash demo for yourself at the [a href=http://www.success-corp.co.jp/software/ds/otoshi/]Otoshi Keiji official site[/a].

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