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Vitamin X sequel Vitamin Y detailed

Minigame collection hits DS this Fall.


The followup to D3 Publisher's Vitamin X is not Vitamin X 2, but Vitamin Y. Impress Watch has a first report today on the new DS title.

Vitamin Y is a mini game collection featuring characters from Vitamin X, a comical love-themed adventure game that was released for the DS this March and the PS2 last March. The sequel is fully titled Vitamin Y: Super Supplement Minigames with B6RT6, the B6 and T6 referring to groups of six students and teachers from the game's school setting.

Lots of mini games await in this sequel to Vitamin X.

During the game's adventure part, you move about on a map, facing off against other characters in mini games. The game includes one particularly substantial mini game which is rendered in 3D and features all B6 and T6 members. Also included are 25 more standard-sized mini games: two games for each of the B6 members, one game for each of the T6 members, and seven group games. New mini games are added as you advance in the game.

Look for Vitamin Y at retail this Fall for 4,200 yen.

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