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Sega planning World Destruction launch event

Shake Yuu Kobayashi's hand in Nagoya and Tokyo ahead of launch.


Sega shared details today on a pre-launch event for World Destruction, the upcoming DS RPG whose anime offshoot began airing a few weeks back.

The "Destroy the Lingering Heat Committee: Yuu Kobayashi Special Talk Show" event will be held on August 23 in Tokyo and Nagoya. Voice actor Yuu Kobayashi will join World Destruction producer Youichi Shimosato for a talk session where they discuss secrets behind both the game and anime . Attendees will also be able to shake hands with the two guests.

Those interesting in attending the Nagoya event, set to take place at the Softmap Nadia Park shop at 14:00, will need to pick up a ticket, which will be distributed on a first-come basis the day of the event. To attend the Tokyo event, scheduled for the main Gamers shop in Akihabara at 18:30, you'll have to pre-order or purchase the game or first volume of the anime DVD at Softmap Akihabara Amusement shop, Softmap Tokyo Akihabara, Messe Sanoh, Media Land, Laox Asobit Game City. Once you have a pre-order slip, you'll be able to exchange it for a ticket at the Gamers shop starting on the 16th.

This event is different from the World Destruction Committee: Appreciation Festival event, an invite-only fan event that will be held on October 5 in Shinagawa.

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