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Xbox 360 tops PlayStation 3 following Vesperia release

Tales takes top sales mark for 360 games.


Some major streams managed to cross in the latest Media Create report. The tracking service reports today that from August 4 to August 10, DS Lite topped PSP in hardware sales. Perhaps more significantly, the Xbox 360 did the same against the PS3.

The console crossing is likely attributed to the release of Tales of Vesperia, which debuted over the period at 108,328 units, good enough for fourth place. This figure includes sales of both the standalone game and the hardware package with bundled a 20 gigabyte 360 with some extra goodies.

Wrestler Wataru Sakata hands off the first Vesperia 360 bundle at an Akiba launch event.

Vesperia's sales were high enough to give it the title of fastest selling domestic Xbox 360 title ever. The previous record holder was Blue Dragon, which sold around 80,000 units in December 2006.

Vesperia was beaten in the charts by one newcomer and two older titles. Phantasy Star Portable took the top spot in its second week with 148,230 units. The DS remake of the original Famicom Fire Emblem title debuted at second with 144,905 units. Rhythm Tengoku fell from second in its debut week last week to third with 130,412 units.

Following Vesperia, the software top ten closed off with Dragon Quest V (Square Enix, DS, 72,598 units), Sangokushi Taisen Ten (Sega, DS, 32,734), Summon Night 2 (Bandai Namco Games, DS, 29,715), Wii Fit (Nintendo, Wii, 27,414), Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo, Wii, 22,739), and Soul Calibur IV (Bandai Namco, PS3, 22,575). Of these, Sangokushi and Summon Night were new releases.

Titles debuting outside the top 10 this week include Code Geass Hangyaku no Rurushu R2 (Bandai Namco, DS, 12th place), Hiiro no Kakera 3 (Idea Factory, PS2, 16), Monster Farm DS 2 (Tecmo, DS, 18), Wantame Variety Channel (Capcom, DS, 35), Lon-Q Highland in DS (3 O'clock, DS, 37), Marl Oukoku no Ningyouhime (Nippon Ichi, DS, 39), Kyuukyuu Kyuumei Caduceus 2 (Atlus, DS, 42), Imabikisou (Sega, Wii, 47), and Survival Kids Wii (Konami, Wii, 50).

In hardware, Vesperia helped push 360 to five times last week's sales, with a total of 24,962 units. This was above the PS3's 9,673 units and the PS2's 8,503 units, but below the Wii's 38,506.

Although the DS Lite beat the PSP, the victory was narrow. The Nintendo hardware managed 60,434 units, just ahead of the PSP's 58,501 units.

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