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EA promotes Battlefield Bad Company through maid cafe

And a free eco bag rounds out the promotion


It may be coming out a couple of months after its Xbox 360 counterpart, but the PS3 version of Battlefield: Bad Company is getting a major marketing push from Electronic Arts. EA anounced today a tie-up campaign between the PS3 rev of the futuristic FPS and Pinafore, a maid cafe chain in the capital of maid cafes, Akihabara.

Well the game box does have that smiley face on the grenade.

From August 23 to September 7, the two Akihabara Pinafore shops will be decked out in a Bad Company visual theme, accompanied by a new menu themed around the game. The maids be dressed in special attire as well (no, EA did not provide sample images).

Pinafore shop number 2 will also be home to PS3 demo stations. These will be available for play only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Battlefield hits the PS3 on August 28. Those who pick up the game should take their copy along with a receipt to the cafe in order to get a special Electronic Arts eco bag as a gift.

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