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Win Satoko Kiyuzuki shikishi in Amazon.co.jp Knights in the Nightmare campaign

Four drawings on offer


Sting and Amazon.co.jp are teaming up for a special Knights in the Nightmare promotional campaign that fans of the title's artwork are going to want to look into.

Pre-order the title through the online retailer, and you'll get your name in a drawing for one of four special illustrated shikishis. These were drawn directly by series character designer Satoko Kiyuzuki.

Knights in the Nightmare is a strategy RPG follow-up to Riviera and Yggdra Union. The game was originally scheduled for release July 17 but was pushed back in early June to the current September 25 date.

The game will be available both in standalone form and as part of a Special Pack which includes an actual Yggdra Union Game Boy Advance cartridge.

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