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Famitsu posts correction on Last Remnant release date

PS3 version not set for November 20 release


Famitsu.com posted a correction today over a Last Remnant release date listed in one of its sister publications.

The date is for the PS3 version of Last Remnant, and the publication is Famitsu PS3 Vol.XIII DKΣ3713 EX.Report, a one-time publication covering the recent Square Enix DKΣ3713 event. According to the site, page 74 of the magazine lists the PS3 version of Last Remnant as being set for a November 20 release. The game is actually still without a final release date, so the November 20 should actually read "TBA" (or, in the Japanese characters one is likely to find in videogame magazines, "未定").

If that November 20 release date sounds familiar, it's because it happens to be the worldwide release date for the Xbox 360 version of Last Remnant. That version is scheduled to precede the PS3 version.

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