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Capcom releasing Mega Man sports drink

Find out what an energy capsule tastes like later this month.


Ever wonder what one of those energy capsules in Mega Man tastes like? Now's your chance to find out, without licking your television monitor!

Mega Man, the drink.

Capcom announced today that it's teaming up with drink maker Apris for the release of the Rockman E Can Beverage, a sports drink that's meant to look like the E Can power-up items from the Mega Man series. The drink will be released later this month.

The in-game version of the E Can is used to restore Mega Man's health fully. Likewise, the beverage may have some restorative properties, as it's full of nutrients, including Royal Jelly.

The 130 yen (or 137 yen with tax) beverage will be available through Animate and Kotobukiys. Looks like Mega Man won't be making his presence felt on Tokyo's ubiquitous vending machines.

Those who do manage to get their hands on a sampling should check their can closely. Cans produced in the year 2008 will contain printing commemorating the September release of Mega Man 9 for WiiWare.

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