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Grasshopper Manufacturer throwing 10th anniversary bash

Three days of events, with appearances by Suda 51 and Masahiro Sakurai.


Killer 7 and No More Heroes development studio Grasshopper Manufacturer is holding a big adults-only bash in mid September to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Formally known as the "Grasshopper Manufacturer 10th Anniversary Commemoration 2 Days Event + α," this two night (plus alpha) mega event will take place on September 19 and 20 at Super Deluxe in Tokyo's Roppongi night life district.

The first night consists of two events, starting with the "Foreign Video Game Unlawful Assembly 2K8" event, then continuing all night through the "GhM 10th Anniversary All Night Club Event." The first event will feature appearances by Suda 51, Famitsu's [a href=http://www.famitsu.com/blog/mad/]Mask De Uh[/a], game creator Kazutoshi Iida, and a special guest appearance by Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai.

The second night is devoted to just one event: "Hopper's Vol.3 A Battle of the Bands." Performing bands include the GhM Sound Team, Spelunker, Neutrino, and The Riot: Ikari + Jyudai.

Tickets for individual events run 3,000 yen, although those who attend the foreign game event will get a 1,000 yen discount off the club event later that night. All tickets will be sold through the Grasshopper Manufacturer official site starting today at 20:00. Tickets will not be sold at the door.

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