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Phantasy Star Portable download content hits tomorrow

New content to arrive every month.


Phantasy Star Portable will get its second set of download missions tomorrow, Sega announced today.

Two new missions will be available for free download:

Thief Ball Brothers
A single player time-attack mission where you attempt to return a package that has been stolen by the Ball siblings.
Crystal Tears
A party mission for between one and four players. Masses of bio-creatures are preventing the gathering of photo crystals, and it's you're job to stop them.

In addition to these two, Sega will be updating another mission, Unrecord Order by opening up a new area and adding new items.

To get these missions, you'll have to access the Phantasy Star Portable home page either from the browser within your PSP or through your PC.

Joining today's announcement, Sega confirmed that the third set of download content for PSP will arrive in September. Players can expect new download content updates once a month.

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