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Microsoft details Atsumare Pinata planting plan

Find out where your gaming yen is headed.


Microsoft has provided a couple of new details on the very green first run bonus item it recently announced for Atsumare! Pinata 2, the Japanese version of the game known overseas as Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise.

As originally announced, 10,000 first print run copies of the game will include, in addition to two item cards, a serialized certificate indicating that the buyer has contributed to a tree planting program in the Philippines. Microsoft will be planting one tree for every copy of the first run edition sold.

You can help a major reforestation program by picking up Atsumare! Pinata 2.

Today, the company shared specifics on the program. The promotion is a part of the [a href=http://www.forestory.jp/supporters/microsoft/pinata/]Forestry Project[/a], a reforestation project being run by Value Frontier and NPO Birdlife Asia. Microsoft is a sponsor of this program.

The first phase of the Forestry Project involves planting 625,000 trees over 250 hectares of the Philippines Mindoro Island. The two firms plan on working with residents and local NGOs to make the program a reality.

Apparently, 10,000 of those trees will be funded with yen earned from gamers buying the latest game from Rare.

Atsumare! Pinata 2 arrives domestically on September 11.

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