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Unreal Tournament 3 appears at Battlefield Bad Company maid cafe

EA marketing manager attempts to explain odd promotion.


The Battlefield Bad Company maid cafe opened up as promised today in Akihabara, complete with some bonuses, it seems. Dengeki.com and Famitsu.com, reporting from the event, noted demo stations not just for Battlefield Bad Company, but for Unreal Tournament 3 as well!

In case you weren't paying attention when Electronic Arts was in full Battlefield Bad Company PR mode last week, EA has teamed up with maid cafe chain Pinafore for a campaign to promote the PS3 version of Battlefield Bad Company, which is arriving on August 28, a few months behind its Xbox 360 counterpart. From August 23 to September 7, the two Akihabara Pinafore shops will feature a Battlefield Bad Company visual theme, a special menu, and, in one shop, demo units.

Electronic Arts held an opening ceremony for the promotion today. MCed by Pinafore maid Mayumi, the event featured an appearance by Electronic Arts marketing division product manager Shintaro Tsuchikawa, who explained that the idea for doing a tie-up with a maid cafe came about when EA was considering if they could do something interesting for the PS3 release. When people think games, he explained, they think Akihabara. Furthermore, EA considered a maid cafe to be a relatively easy place for core game players to gather. As for the choice of maid cafes, Tsuchikawa explained that Pinafore has strong entertainment ties, having appeared as the setting for movies.

Tsuchikawa appeared to be excited about the limited Battlefield Bad Company menu that was set up for the promotion. Example items, as mentioned by Dengeki and Famitsu, include Military Sobameshi, a plate of fried noodles, with a twist. The twist is that the maids use mayonnaise to draw out the Battlefield happy face logo on top of the noodles for customers who want it. Also available is the Battlefield Parfait which supposedly shows the viciousness of war (Neither site gave specifics).

Pinafore is a maid cafe, so of course the maids were a major attraction for the event. For a look at their promised special clothing, see the original articles at Famitsu.com and Dengeki Online.

Those wanting to check out this promotion for themselves can head to the Akihabara Pinafore maid cafes until September 7. To sample the demos of Battlefield and Unreal Touranment 3, you'll have to go to the number 2 shop on the weekends.

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