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Z-Kai to educate via DSvision

Company plans dual screen use in future educational products.


At-home educator Z-Kai announced today that it will be distributing educational content through am3's DSvision download service.

This September, the firm will distribute an English listening course targeting students preparing for college entrance exams. Consisting of five 90 minute videos, this set will sell for 12,000 yen.

In a press release on the matter, Z-Kai said that it plans on making use of the DS's dual screen capabilities for future educational products.

Although the writers of the Z-Kai press appear to think otherwise, this won't be the first time DSvision has been used for educational purposes. Earlier this month, Shuei Yobiko, a prep school in Shizuoka, announced plans to distribute lecture videos through the service. That service kicked off today.

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