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Xbox 360 Press Conference Predictions

The following will happen, or your money back.


The cat is out of the bag (whatever that means!) for Microsoft's big Xbox 360 Media Briefing event. Nikkei reported in its Monday edition that the 360 will see a 30% price drop, bringing the Arcade unit down under the magic 20,000 yen mark.

I presume this was one of Microsoft's big announcements from today's event. But I doubt it was going to take them a full 1 hour and 45 minutes to announce it, so there will likely be some other big news as well.

Here's what I expect to be announced. All of this is completely baseless.

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1. Xbox 360 price drop to be announced. Okay, unless Nikkei was totally off-base in its report today, this is a given.

2. Xbox 360 bundle for Infinite Undiscovery. How come Tales gets a bundle but Infinite Undiscovery doesn't? I'm expecting a bundle that combines an HDD-less 360 with Infinite Undiscovery priced at 19,800 yen. Yes, that's the same price as the post price-drop Arcade model 360.

3. Star Ocean 4 demo to be bundled with Last Remnant. Microsoft is already promoting the big Square Enix trio, with Star Ocean 4 materials appearing at retailers. For Microsoft, a demo would be a good way to give the 360 a boost. For Square Enix, a demo would be a good way to give Last Remnant a boost.

4. Tomonobu Itagaki takes the stage and announces that he has formed Team Kunoichi and is working on a new first party game for Microsoft. Actually, I do expect Itagaki to let everyone know what he's up to.

And that's all my crystal ball is showing me!

The press conference kicks off at 15:00 Tokyo time and runs through 16:45. Connections permitting, I'll be live blogging the event for IGN, so check [a href=http://www.ign.com]IGN.com[/a] later.

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