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Live from the Xbox 360 Media Briefing

... well, for the next five minutes, at least.


I'm live from the Xbox 360 Media Briefing 2008! Well... temporarily, at least.

I'll actually be live blogging for IGN. But, I figured I'd put up a couple of pics here too.

The briefing is being held at a super fancy hotel somewhere in Tokyo. I'm not going to say where, in order to keep the freaks from showing up. Yeah, you know who you are!

[end_preview /]

Anyhow, the hip-hop started almost immediately as I entered. They're playing that absolutely catchy song where the chick is all, "Take me on a trip la la la la la la la" and then "Take me to New York I'd like to la la la." What is that called? Anyhow, they're playing that.

Here are a couple of additional pics. See if you can find the Kotaku dude in these.

The conference starts at 15:00, or 30 minutes from this story's publish.

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