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Death Smiles set for Xbox 360

Cave announces arcade shooting port with online co-op play.


Yet another shooting game is on the way to the Xbox 360. Cave has announced a 360 version of Death Smiles, an arcade shooter that hit arcades in October 2007.

In Death Smiles, players take control of young girls known as Angels as they face off against demons in classic horizontal side scrolling shooting form. The title features a "gothic horror" theme with character designs from comic artist Inoue Junya.

Character designs are from Inoue Junya.

The 360 version will feature a number of new elements, including co-op play over Xbox Live, online rankings, and the ability to save replays.

Cave will release the 360 version in Spring 2009. The company is planning a first press limited edition and pre-order bonus, although details were not shared today.

For a closer a look at the game, see the [a href=http://www.cave.co.jp/gameonline/Xbox360/deathsmiles/index.html]teaser site[/a] that Cave has set up.

More classic-style shooting for the 360.

The teaser site features a [a href=http://cave-game.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/]developer's blog[/a], which promises to be updated every Friday. In the first post, a Mr. Asuda from the game's development staff explains that he'd done business in the past with Microsoft prior to working at Cave, which is how the 360 port started.

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