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Microsoft brings 60 gigabyte Xbox 360 to Japan

New hardware model accompanies by price drop and bonus item.


As part of a press conference held in Tokyo this afternoon, Microsoft made a series of announcements that it hopes will get people to look at the Xbox 360 later this year.

First up was something that was first broken by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun earlier today. Xbox 360 will be seeing a price drop on September 11. The Arcade model will drop in price by 8,000 yen to 19,800 yen, making the 360 the first new generation system to cross the 20,000 yen price point. The Elite model will see a similar drop, taking it down to 39,800 yen.

As mentioned in the Nikkei article, the mid-level 360 model will see a 5,000 yen price drop to 29,800 yen. What wasn't mentioned, however, is that the mid-level model will cease to be the current 20 gigabyte unit. Microsoft is replacing that model, the sole configuration for the Japanese 360 when it launched in 2004, with a 60 gigabyte unit, to launch at the new price point on November 11.

The 20 gigabyte model has been notably absent from retail of late, prompting Microsoft to issue an apology a couple of weeks ago over the shortages. With the 60 gigabyte model on the way, Microsoft confirmed that the 20 gigabyte unit will cease production. Whatever stock of the 20 gigabyte model remains will be replaced with an "open" price, meaning retailers can price it themselves.

A few accessories will see price drops as well. The system's 120 gigabyte hard disc, currently selling for 18,900 yen, will drop to 15,750 yen. The 20 gigabyte hard disc, currently 9,975 yen, will be marked as open and will no longer be produced. The 512 megabyte Memory Unit will drop from 5,775 yen to 5,250 yen. The 64 megabyte unit will go from 3,360 yen to open and will also stop being produced.

Joining the September 11 price drops will be a gift promotion. Those who purchase a Xbox 360 system in any of the three variations starting September 11, will get a free Infinite Undiscovery faceplate, while supplies last. The Square Enix RPG arrives on the same day that the price drops and the promotion take effect.

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