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Sega lets players name Ryu ga Gotoku 3 building

Get your choice of names in the final game.


Sega kicked off a new promotion today for Ryu ga Gotoku 3. This new promotion for the mysterious sequel will offer fans a chance to name a building in the in-game world of Kamiyacho.

The building at the heart of the promotion is located in the Kamiyacho entertainment district, near the northeast area of the Millennium Tower, across from the Yoshida Batting center. Sega is presumably giving this information out in order to make players come up with a suitable name.

The winning name will appear somewhere on the building. Sega is even hinting that main characters Kiryu and Haruka will visit the building.

Submissions for this building's name will be accepted from today until September 7. For further details, see the [a href=http://ryu-ga-gotoku.com/nwcampaign/index.html]campaign page Sega has set up[/a].

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