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Xbox 360 press conference swag

Featuring 19,800 yen tissues!


Video game press conferences aren't usually the place to go for mega amounts of swag, but you do usually walk home with something worthwhile. It was with this in mind that I emptied the bag that was given to me as I fled today's Xbox 360 Media Briefing event.

This is what I found:

Let's go in for a closer look!

[end_preview /]

First, we've got the business stuff.

Those are press releases for Ninja Blade and Microsoft's new pricing strategy, along with a general release about upcoming Xbox 360 games. Pretty much everything that was revealed during the press conference (which can be seen on the main channel here shortly, or now [a href=http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/906/906850p1.html]in my live blog from IGN[/a]).

The disc, which has no form of identification on its label for some reason, has screens of Ninja Blade, Gundam Musou 2, Street Fighter 4, Resident Evil 5, and lots and lots of foreign titles. I'm not sure if the RE5 and SF4 screens are new, but I put them up anyway in the gallery section.

(Here's a tip about the galleries. Until I get my act together, open the images up in a separate window and replace the "_view" with a "_full" at the end of the urls to get the images in their original resolution. For Resident Evil 5, the images are super mega upscaled shots, which could make great wallpapers.)

Next, the item that's presumably the main attraction in this collection:

This is the limited edition Infinite Undiscovery faceplate that Microsoft is giving away to Xbox 360 purchasers following September 11. Here's a fun fact. If it were a Metal Gear Solid face plate, I'd have already sold it on Ebay and made enough money to pay two months rent.

While an Infinite Undiscovery faceplate is cool and all (especially since the game is going to rock regardless of what those stupid dummies at IGN Xbox 360 say), the real piece-de-resistance-ala-wtf of this goodie bag goes to this:

It's a gold box of tissues with a green sticker stuck on to commemorate the 360's price drop to 19,800 yen. The text on the sticker says "Xbox 360 is available from 19,800 yen tissues."

Inside, the tissues are... just tissues. I initially thought I'd seen green markings, but I was wrong.




I wish I had a comment section so that people could explain the meaning to me.

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