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Sega brings new Saka Tsuku game to DS

Focus on stylus-based controls for new title.


Sega has announced a brand new entry in the "Let's Make a Pro Soccer Club" series of soccer simulations. The new game is titled "Sakatsuku DS: Touch and Direct."

"Sakatsuku" is a common short form name for the main series, which is known formally as "Pro Soccer Club wo Tsukurou."

The new game will feature some major gameplay changes. While the overall goal of the title is the same -- take control of a new J.League team and turn it into a top tier team -- the focus is placed more on actual soccer matches.

Use the stylus for a more direct control over your players.

You make use of the stylus to position your players in real time, offering a more direct control over the action than the series has previously seen. You view the on-field action on the top screen while making your positioning and other strategic choices on the bottom screen.

The title also offers new possibilities for player acquisition. You can store up to 99 players, whom you acquire following a cup match. These players all have personal traits, which can change the face of your team.

As expected of the series, the game will be packed with strategic options.

Other features of the new title include include wireless play, allowing you to face off against other players and trade team members, and big-headed characters. This latter area is common for the baseball equivalent of the Sakatsuku series but rare for the soccer series. Despite the big proportions, the game is fully licensed, with 2,000 characters that include original creations as well as domestic and foreign players appearing under their real names.

Look for Sakatsuku DS on November 27 at 5,229 yen (tax-included).

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