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Dissidia Final Fantasy dated and priced

Standalone and bundle set for December 18.



Sony Computer Entertainment jumped the gun a bit on Square Enix and today announced a final release date for Dissidia Final Fantasy.

The much anticipated Final Fantasy series crossover action/fighter will be released on December 18. Square Enix will charge 6,090 yen for the title, putting it about 1,000 yen more than most PSP titles.

Back at an event held in early August, Square Enix originally announced a vague December date for the game, but did not give specifics.

As originally announced by Square Enix Dissidia, will be included as part of a special hardware bundle. For its part, Sony disclosed that a Dissidia PSP-3000 bundle will be released on December 18 at 25,890 yen. This is presumably the same bundle that Square Enix alluded to in its announcements back in August.

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