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Sega plans World Destruction demo event

Destroy the world in Shinjuku, one week in advance.


Want to destroy the world two weeks before everyone else? You'll get your chance on the 13th as Sega hosts a World Destruction retail demo event.

Set to be held on the 13th from 13:00 to 18:00 at the Sakuraya Shinjuku East Exit Hobby Shop, the "Sega RPG Fes" will feature playable demos of both World Destruction and Phantasy Star Portable.

The World Destruction demo will feature a section of the game focused heavily on the battle system, which puts the DS's dual screens to use.

The Phantasy Star Portable demo will take the form of a time attack on a download mission. Those who clear the mission in the target time, which will be announced on the day of the event, will walk away with some special Phantasy Star Portable goods. Everyone who participates will get a special Phantasy Star Portable post card. Sega encourages players to bring their PSP and copy of Phantasy Star Portable and take the challenge using their own character.

World Destruction will be released two weeks after the event, on December 25.

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