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Rocket Company delivers Balance Wii Board-compatible Fitness Game

Shape Boxing on the Wii in late October


Rocket Company has at long last shared details on its new Wii exercise game. Titled Shape Boxing: Enjoy Diet on the Wii, the title will see release on October 30 at 5,800 yen.

As suggested by the name, the game offers users a chance to recreate Shape Boxing, an actual exercise program used by gyms, in the home. Players perform punches and footwork across 28 lessons. Rocket Company says the game is meant for all age groups.

Sure to be one of the major selling points for the title is Balance Wii Board support. The game's Exercise Mode offers training with the feel of mini games. This training mode is Balance Wii Board-friendly.

Shape Boxing isn't a new title. Previously, it was known as Karada Sukkiri! Exercise Shape Boxing de Rhythm & Blow, and before that, as Karada wo Kitaeru Wii Exercise.

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