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DS Takes Hardware Lead in August

First time in seven months


Last month, the DS did something it hadn't managed in seven months: lead the domestic market in hardware sales.

Enterbrain recently released its sales summary for August, covering July 28 to August 31. Mainichi.jp passed along the results.

DS took the top hardware spot for the month with 330,000 units, besting the PSP's 290,000 units. Prior to this month, the PSP had lead the monthly results seven months in a row.

In consoles, Wii was, expectedly, top for the month with 180,000 units sold. More interesting was the race for second. Although having seen a huge one week surge following the release of Tales of Vesperia, the Xbox 360 still failed to beat the PS3. It did, however, get close. Following last month's total of 14,000 units, Microsoft pushed its monthly total this month to 44,000, near the PS3's 52,000.

The Enterbrain August figures cover a period prior to two major announcements that could affect hardware sales for September. Since the period closed, Sony announced a final release date of October 16 for the PSP-3000 redesign, to be priced the same as the current model. Microsoft announced a cheaper Xbox 360 system, featuring a 60 gigabyte hard disk, to be released on September 11.

In software, although Phantasy Star Portable started out ahead of Rhythm Tengoku Gold (to be known as Rhythm Heaven overseas) for two weeks, the two ended up switching places in overall sales. The Nintendo rhythm game sold 620,000 units for the month, placing it above Sega's PSP version of Phantasy Star Universe, which sold 570,000 units.

Coming in at third was a long-selling DS title, Dragon Quest V. The Square Enix remake managed an additional 250,000 units this month.

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