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Nintendo to sell wireless router for DS and Wii

Online-only for latest Nintendo-branded device


Wii and DS owners who are having trouble hooking up to the internet will have a simple solution from Nintendo itself shortly. The company announced today a first party wireless router.

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Network Adapter is a wireless router designed for connecting the Wii and DS wirelessly to the internet. The device is 802.11 g/b compatible and supports AOSS, which allows you to connect devices with a simple button press.

The router (left) and a Wii size comparison (right).

For those who already have a router in their home, the device has an external switch for selecting router or bridge modes.

Although Nintendo is only guaranteeing and supporting the device for Wii and DS use, it should also work just fine with any wireless PC or device.

LEDs, ports, and switches.

Nintendo will charge 5,800 yen for the Wi-Fi Network Adapter. It will be sold starting September 18 exclusively through the Nintendo home page.

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