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From GMT 2008 to GMTB 2008

Why I'm definitely sticking around for the Tokyo Game Show music concert.


I was thinking about attending the GMT 2008 event at this year's Tokyo Game Show. This concert event, to be held on the third day of the show (the first public day), was to feature the Grasshopper Manufacturer Sound Team, among other game-related artists, performing on the show floor after closing time.

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I was thinking about attending it. But now I'm sure. All because of that thing you see to the right. That's Shoko Nakagawa, and as of yesterday, she's officially taking part in the GMT event.

Shoko is quite the looker, but she's actually a musical talent as well. Her first album, Big Bang!!! (there's a star in the middle of the name, but I'm not sure how to romanize it) was released back in March. More recently, she traveled to the homeland (well, my homeland) to perform at Anime Expo 2008.

Games appear to be nothing new to Shoko. While she has just one game-related role, appearing in the Game Archives of Siren 2, she's apparently clear on retro gaming. I plucked all this out of her Japanese Wikipedia entry, by the way, which makes it indisputably true.

Plucked from my own database of useless game knowledge, Shoko was one of those random stars chosen by Microsoft to help promote an Xbox 360 game. Back in April 2006, she appeared at a Ninety-Nine Nights launch event in full cos-play attire. See [a href=http://watch.impress.co.jp/game/docs/20060424/xbox.htm]Impress Watch[/a] for a look.

More recently, Shoko appeared in the commercials for Super Robot Taisen W. You remember those Super Robot Taisen W ads where this hot chick was shown playing the game and shouting out battle cries? That was her! Shoko was actually the Super Robot image character for 2007, the year of W's release.

This reminds me... I've got thousands of Japanese game commercials sitting around on DVD's. I've gotta put them up at some point. Maybe at the [a href=http://www.youtube.com/user/AndriaSang]andriasang channel over at YouTube[/a]? (That's right, there is an andriasang channel! It currently has just a few sample commercials and game clips available for viewing while I take care of some database issues. Coincidentally, the most watched clip at the channel is Super Robot Taisen Z!).

In closing, because I've got CEDEC stuff to write about and have to stop staring at Shoko pics, the GMT in GMT 2008 stands for "Games, Music, TGS." I hereby rename the event GMTB 2008.

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