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Cheaper Xbox 360 arrives safely

So does some attractive Infinite Undiscovery signage


Xbox 360 is sold out!

... is what I might be saying if I'd seen any sold out signs for the system today.

Actually, making a casual sweep of four game shops in Shibuya (that's the two Bics, the Sakuraya, and the Tsutaya) in the afternoon today I found 360 units of all types (60 gig, Elite, Arcade) available. The only exception was the main Bic, which was out of Elite and Arcade units.

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For those who haven't been keeping up with the Japanese 360 scene, today is a special day for the system. Microsoft dropped the price 8,000 yen for both the Elite and Arcade units and also released a 60 gigabyte model at 29,800 yen, or 5,000 yen less than the 20 gigabyte model used to cost.

Today was also the launch day for Infinite Undiscovery, the first of three Square Enix RPGs that Microsoft has been heavily marketing through retail promotions. Microsoft issued a press release commemorating this and the start of a campaign where anyone who buys a 360 gets an Infinite Undiscovery faceplate.

The press release also announced that Star Ocean 4 and Last Remnant would be playable exclusively in the Microsoft booth at the Tokyo Game Show.

On top of all this, Microsoft gave the official Xbox.com official site a much needed refresh. Check out the new design for yourself. I've found the site to run a bit slow, but it's definitely more attractive than the old site.

So is all this PRing working wonders for the great console underdog? Expect early numbers to leak out tomorrow, but in the meanwhile, check out this retail signage.

No Elites or Arcades here.
Who would've expected to find 360 in this store's Square Enix display?
How many people would you kill for just one of those posters?

Now remember, I took these pictures even though I probably wasn't supposed to, so if I get arrested and executed, please speak of me to future generations.

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