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Date set for Rockman 9

Capcom plans a WiiWare release just before the end of the month


Capcom has kept Rockman 9 listed with a general September time frame since its announcement. Today, as the second week of September comes to a close, the company got specific. Rockman 9 will be available for download through the Wii Shopping Channel on September 24.

This latest Rockman (known outside Japan as Mega Man) game turns back the clock and is meant to look, sound and play like a Famicom/NES game. While looking like a classic title, though, the game features all new bosses and stages.

As previously disclosed, the game will sell for 1,000 Wii Points.

The week of the 24th will be [a href=http://www.andriasang.com/e/upcoming/wii/]a busy one for Wii owners[/a]. Yudo has Aero Guitar set to hit WiiWare on the 24th. Retail releases include Bomberman, Disaster, Sim City Creator, Simple 2000 Series The Table Game, Soul Eater Monotone Princess, and Sugoroku Chronicle.

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