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Latest Final Fantasy IV chapter hits iMode

EZweb owners to get Gilbert chapter soon.


Square Enix made available today the latest installment in the continuing Final Fantasy IV The After saga. The game's "Tsuki no Min" (People of the Moon) chapter, titled "Tsuioku no Aoki Hoshi" ("Reminiscence of the Blue Planet"), is available for download to iMode sets at the usual 315 yen.

Scenes from the Tsuki no Min chapter.

This latest chapter tells the story of the people of the Moon, who, following a war, saw their home lose its orbit around the Blue Planet and set off on an endless journey. Playing a central role in the story is a man in black clothing who saved Lydia during a confrontation with a titan.

Tsuki no Min is presumably one of the final chapters in the FFIV after story. Following the distribution of the Kain chapter last month, Square Enix said that the game was approaching a conclusion.

FFIV The After is slowly winding down to a close for iMode users.

While the Tsuki no Min chapter is available only for iMode users at the moment, EZweb will soon have access to the game's Gilbert Chapter, Square Enix also revealed today. That chapter was unlocked for iMode users in late July. EZweb users will get a shot on 9/18 at 315 yen.

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