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Pokemon, DS dominate Media Create charts

Wii and 360 reverse positions from Enterbrain stats


Pokemon Platinum topped the Media Create charts in a week where the headlines were dominated by an unexpected console player, the Xbox 360.

The latest DS Pokemon game sold 963,273 units over the September 8 to September 14 period. While Pokemon claimed earlier in the week a million sales for the title, that claim covered three days, including the 15th, which is not included in this week's Media Create recap.

Pokemon Platinum is the fastest selling DS game of all time.

Platinum is now the record holder for fastest selling DS title. Its two day total of over 963,000 units easily beat the previous record holder, New Super Mario Bros. which sold 900,000 in its first two days.

DS also took second with Konami's Quiz Magic Academy DS debuting with 119,134 units. Just below it was Infinite Undiscovery. Square Enix's first Xbox 360 RPG debuted with 90,288, plenty to beat out Bandai Namco's One Peace Unlimited Cruise Episode 1, which debuted on the Wii at 61,009 units.

Second through fourth place all saw sell through rates of over 80%, Media Create reports.

The rest of the top 10 was mostly old. Rhythm Tengoku saw a slight boost over last week to 55,772 units. Below it were Wii Fit (Nintendo, Wii, 25,257), D.Gray-man Sousha no Shikaku (Konami, PS2, 14,955), Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo, Wii, 13,990), Band Bros. DX (Nintendo, DS, 13,897), and Winning Eleven 2008 Club Championship (Konami, PS2, 12,748). D.Gray-man was the only newbie in the bunch.

Debuting outside the top ten were Sega Ages 2500 Vol.33 Fantasy Zone Complete Collection (Sega, PS2, 15th place), Hoshizora no Comic Garden (D3 Publisher, DS, 23), Atsumare! Pinata 2 (Microsoft, Xbox 360, 32), and Double Clutch (Spike, PS3, 49).

Hardware totals were also shared earlier in the week by Enterbrain. Unlike the Enterbrain charts, which had the 360 in a slight lead over the Wii, the Media Create charts put Wii at 29,686 units, with the 360 just below at 28,188. PS3 is down at 8,053 units, with the PS2 just below at 7,669 units.

Media Create notes that there were some 360 hardware shortages and suggests a possibility that Microsoft could have sold more units had they had enough supply.

In portable hardware, the DS saw a huge boost this week up to 63,859 units. The PSP continued on its way down, reaching 30,156 units a little over a month ahead of the PSP-3000 October 16 release.

The top 100 games for the week sold 1,653,898 units, Media Create reports, a leap of 233.24% over last week's total. Last week, sales reached a post September 2005 low.

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