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MTO announces new puzzler for WiiWare

Puppies replace gems in new falling blocks game.


MTO is going for cute with its new WiiWare game. Minna de Asobou! Koinu de Kururin (roughly, Play Together! Puppy Kururin) is a falling blocks puzzler with a puppy theme.

The basics of the game appear at first glance to mimic other falling blocks games, with puppy faces substituted for gems and blocks. Your job is to line up like-colored pieces as they come falling down. To make pieces that you've connected together disappear, you'll have to further connect the entire bunch to a dog house. The puppies will then run into the house, clearing your blocks off the field.

You select from one of eight puppies as your in-game counterpart. Each puppy has his own skills, including a set of "Kururin Smash" special moves. The game includes six such moves, with each puppy having access to three. You make use of these moves by clearing pieces from the field and building up your Smash Meter.

Modes of play include a five stage single player mode, where you build up your playable puppy count, a challenge mode where play difficulty rises as you clear pieces, and a local split screen competitive mode for up to four players. This latter mode can be played against CPU opponents, whose difficulty can be freely set.

While the game doesn't appear to have Wi-Fi-based gameplay, there is some Wi-Fi support. Using Wi-Fi connect, you can upload your data to take part in nationwide score attacks. The game stores data for up to four local players, which can be viewed in a graph form.

Minna de Asobou! Koinu de Kururin is set for WiiWare release on October 7. The 93 block download will run you 500 WiiPoints.

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