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Milestone to hold Hula Wii campaign

Yes, there is a hula dancing game set for Wii.


Milestone shared details today on a campaign that it will be holding for Hula Wii.

The campaign, which runs through midnight on September 28, asks that you merely submit a completed statement to the [a href=http://www.mile-stone.co.jp/]official Milestone website[/a]. Doing so will get you entered into a drawing for tickets to a hula event that's scheduled to be held from October 3 to 5 at Tokyo Dome.

The statement in need of completion is:

「Wii初の本格フラソフトは、Hula Wii フラで始める ○○○○!」

Fill in the four blanks at the end (Japanese knowledge is required, but just barely).

Fully titled Hula Wii: Hula de Hajimeru Bi to Kenkou (the last part, written, in Japanese, as "フラで始める美と健康," translates to "Beauty and Health Through Hula"), this dance game has players shake the Wiimote to perform hula dancing as demonstrated through video clips. Among the recorded footage are some first-time clips from the dancers who were selected for Miss Aloha Hula 2008. The game includes support for Miis and the Balance Wii Board. A release is set for October 30.

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