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Phantasy Star Portable 4th download mission update detailed

Two missions in latest update.


As promised earlier this month, Sega is keeping apace with the downloadable mission content for Phantasy Star Portable. Round four is all set to hit on the 25th, and today the company shared final details.

Two missions are included in this latest update: Scrap Ghost II and Unrecord Order. The multiplayer-only Scrap Ghost II is a follow-up to a mission from round 3 which involved scrap parts gone terrorist due to the effects of SEED. Unrecord Order is an update to an older mission, adding new weapons and items.

More Phantasy Star Portable content to keep you busy until the DS title hits later this year.

PSP's downloadable missions can be downloaded directly to your PSP via the system's browser or through your PC by accessing [a href=http://phantasystar.sega.jp/psp/]the Phantasy Star Portable official site[/a].

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