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Gackt pachinko game set for PS3

Five songs included in latest digital simulation


That union of Gackt fans, pachislot fans, and PS3 owners at long last has a game to look forward to. Yamasa Entertainment has announced a PS3 version of Yamasa Digi World SP Bounty Killer.

As usual for games that begin with the words "Yamasa Digi," this is a game conversion of a pachislot machine. The machine in question is Bounty Killer, which is due to hit parlors in early October. Musician Gackt had a role in the deveopment of this machine, producing its sound component and even lending his likeness to the title's main character, Jeed Bellecour.

The PS3 conversion has all the simulation elements pachislot fans expect including hall simulation, which makes you feel like you're playing in a pachinko parlor, and single simulation, which is useful for those trying to gather data for their real life pachinko exploits. Also included is a "Sampling" mode which lets you simulate six machines simultaneously, and five tutorial modes.

Gackt fans can look forward to Jeed's appearance on a home console, along with all five of the performer's songs from the real machine.

The PS3's second pachislot title (the first one was the downloadable Pachipara DL from Irem) will be available on October 30 at 7,560 yen.

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