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Knights in the Nightmare demo hits Wii, DS Station

Two separate demos for Sting strategy fans.


Can't wait until tomorrow for Knights in the Nightmare? Then you'll want to get your DS and Wii in close proximity in order to download a demo of the game.

Sting made available today a demo of Knights in the Nightmare via Wii's Minna no Nintendo Channel. The demo includes the "First Step" tutorial, letting players sample the basics of the game through seven points. You can download the demo to your DS until October 7.

If you're still not convinced enough to make your purchase, another demo of the game will be available starting tomorrow at nationwide DS Stations. This demo includes the First Step tutorial along with the first two stages of the game's prologue.

Knights in the Nightmare is the latest strategy game from the developers of Riviera and Yggdra Union. The game offers grid-based strategy in which players take control of spirits known as Whisps, who have the ability to issue commands to characters throughout the world who've lost their souls via a curse.

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