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Level-5 shares new Inazuma Eleven developments

Sequels, remakes, soundtracks and more on the way.


The first Inazuma Eleven game is just a little over one month old, but developer and publisher Level-5 is ready for more. Today at its Level-5 Vision press conference in Tokyo, the company disclosed new developments for the series, including the announcement of a sequel and first solid details of the previously announced console entry.

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino details the new Inazuma developments at the Level-5 Vision press conference in Tokyo today.

Set for 2009 release, the sequel is titled Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha (roughly, "The Menacing Invaders"). In development for the DS, the sequel takes place directly after the events of the original. Main character Mamoru Endou and his Raimon Eleven team have become Japan's soccer champs, but upon returning home from the championships, they find their school in ruins. It turns out that this is the work of alien invaders, a group that call themselves the Star Students: Alien Academy (in Japanese, Hoshi no Seito: Alien Gakuen). The Raimon Eleven teammates board the Inazuma Caravan and head off throughout Japan in pursuit.

The Inazuma Caravan heads off in pursuit of the alien invaders.

The adventure has expanded to a national scale for Inazuma Eleven 2. Endou and friends have to select players from throughout Japan in order to build the strongest team in the nation. This team will face off against those alien invaders on the soccer field, Level-5 president Akihiro Hino confirmed at the press conference.

Gameplay shots from Inazuma Eleven 2

Outside of the larger scale of the adventure, Level-5 is also promising much greater volume in terms of characters and special moves.

Key staff members are returning for the sequel. Hino is listed as planner and producer. Yasunori Mitsuda is handling the music. In the director's cubicle is Takehiro Fujii. All three had the same roles with the original release.

Joining the sequel's announcement was the opening of [a href=http://www.inazuma.jp/inazuma2/]an official website[/a]. The site is in a teaser state, but those wanting more detail can pick up this week's Famitsu, which has a two page report on the game.

Mamoru and friends face off against a new menace in the Inazuma Eleven sequel.

Even before Inazuma Eleven's release, Level-5 announced what was originally thought to be a sequel for the game in the form of Inazuma Eleven Break. This title was confirmed to be in development for consoles, but aside from this, Level-5 was mum on the details. That changed today at the Level-5 Vision event, which featured debut footage for the title.

Materials handed out by Level-5 suggest that Inazuma Eleven Break will be a console remake of the original Inazuma Eleven rather than a totally new title. The game features new systems, including a new control scheme that takes the place of the original's stylus-heavy controls. Level-5 is also promising a storyline that's been greatly powered up over that of the original.

The game also now runs in full 3D, with what appears to be wide-screen output.

First gameplay shots of the Inazuma Eleven console remake. The platform has yet to be officially announced.

As with Inazuma Eleven 2, Hino is listed as the planner and producer on Inazuma Eleven Break. The game is currently without a release period.

The Inazuma Eleven anime kicks off in two weeks.

Other Inazuma Eleven developments include the start of the Inazuma Eleven anime on TV Tokyo starting October 5. A manga has been running in Coro Coro Comics since May. The series will also expand to trading cards in November.

The final Inazuma Eleven announcement at the event was for a series of soundtracks, to be released under FRAME, a new label that was formed by Level-5 and Up-Front Works.

The Inazuma Eleven Original Soundtrack will see release on October 29. It will come packed with two discs totaling 48 songs. Included are the opening and ending themes by, respectively, T-Pistonz and twe'lv, as well as songs that were used exclusively in promotional videos.

Also set for release on the 29th is a two track CD from twe'lv. The CD will include Seishun Oden and Jyunjo Seishun Love. The former is the ending theme of the anime version of Inazuma Eleven and the debut song for twe'lv. The latter is the ending theme for the original Inazuma Eleven, featuring lyrics by Hino and composition by Mitsuda.

Finally, November 26 will see the release of T-Pistonz' Tachi Agari Yo, the opening theme song for the anime. T-Pistonz also performed the opening theme song for the original game.

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