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Nintendo to release new DS model -- Nikkei

Built in camera and improved Wi-Fi for revised hardware


A new version of the DS is set for domestic release later this year according to the Sunday edition of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun. The upgrade will add a host of new features to Nintendo's still-hot portable.

As specified in the Nikkei report, the new model will include a built-in camera, larger screens, music playback capabilities, and improved Wi-Fi. The system will retain its dual screened layout.

The music capabilities will come in the form of SD card support, with owners being able to listen to music that's stored on SD. SD cards will also be used to exchange data between the DS and the Wii. The paper did not specifically state if the system has an SD slot or if Nintendo will be using some sort of adapter cartridge.

While the DS already includes built-in Wi-Fi, the improved support for the new model will allow owners to use the system as an information terminal, accessing news and product information at train stations and retailers. Nintendo has such a service on test right now under the name Nintendo Spot.

The paper reports a price of below 20,000 yen for the revised model. The DS Lite currently retails for 16,800 yen.

As with the DS Lite, Japan will get a first shot at the new hardware, with the paper reporting plans for hundreds of thousands of units to make it out here before the end of the year. Nintendo is also considering an overseas release.

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