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Valkyria Chronicles second download detailed

Selvaria episode set for October release.


Sega shared today details on the second round of download content for Senjo no Valkyria (or, as it is to be known overseas, Valkyria Chronicles).

The download content consists of a new episode, "Ute, Selvaria to Tomoni" (or, roughly translated to English, "Shoot, Alongside Selvaria"). This is a new episode involving Selvaria Bles, which the game's official site claims is something fans have been demanding. Players control the Imperial Army in a battle with the Galia army.

As with the first download episode, this episode is comprised of both story and battle parts. The story features full voice, just like what you'll find in the game proper. The battle portion of the download consists of three battles. Clear certain conditions, and you'll end up with a special Ruhm weapon for Selvaria which can be used in the game's other modes.

This second Valkyria download will be available some time in October at 800 yen.

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