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From and Acquire collaborate on Tenchu at TGS

Shocking footage promised for stage event.


From Software and Acquire detailed their plans today for Tenchu 4 at the coming Tokyo Game Show.

The Wii entry in the series will be featured at the show through both a playable demo and a stage event in the From booth. The stage event, being held in commemoration of the game's impending October 23 release, will take place at noon on the 11th. Development staff, including composer Noriyuki Asakura, will take part in a talk session. From is also promising some "shocking" video footage.

The two companies have something special planned for those who don't mind running around on the show floor. Attending a Tenchu 4 event at the Acquire booth will get you a secret file. Take this to the From booth and sample Tenchu 4, and you'll get a stamp on that file. Take the stamped file back to the Acquire booth, and you'll be able to enter your name into a raffle for some limited edition TGS Tenhcu 4 goods.

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