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Dragon Quest IX set for March

Square Enix confirms release period for anticipated RPG


Square Enix announced today a time frame for the release of Dragon Quest IX. The latest entry in the RPG series that has shipped over 46 million units since its 1996 debut will hit the DS in March of 2009.

DQIX was first announced in late 2006 with the promise of a release some time in 2007. The title underwent a few changes to its core gameplay systems and ended up suffering a delay to some time in 2008 before being confirmed this past May for release during the current fiscal year.

Recently, the game has been making a comeback into the headlines. At its Level-5 Vision press event late last week, developer Level-5 mentioned that development was nearing completion. Square Enix recently confirmed a Tokyo Game Show showing for the game in the form of a stage event.

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